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Ch. Suncliffe Nonquitt at Dirigo OFA


CH Olynmawr Keepin The Beat x CH Soper's Surry At Suncliffe

My Angel In Heaven...

10.14.2007 - 8.29.2022

Oh Gage...the dog that started it all for me. He was my first Cardigan, so loved by my family. He enjoyed his retirement with my sister and her family.  I am so grateful that Gage came into my life and has shown me the love of a Cardigan. Gage finished his Championship quite easily and was a joy to handle. Gage was co-owned & bred by Nancy Cunliffe of Suncliffe Cardigans.  Through Gage, I met my mentor and long-time friend Mary DeToma of WindDancer Corgis. Forever grateful.

Gage Couch.jpg
Gage head on.jpg
Gage ball game.jpg
Gage Bed.jpg
Gage Maine.jpg
Joel Gage.jpg
Baby Gage2.bmp
Gage Lamb.png

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